Spiky hairstyles 2020 for Women

Have you ever thought about doing something really funky with your hair? If so, you should try out the spiky hairstyles 2019. Spikes are the most funky and attractive hairdos that are liked by many people.

Spikes hairdo belongs to men but this is not so anymore. The trend has changed and now women too, go for this type of funky spiky haircut. Lady gaga and Halle Barry are the female fashion icons who have introduced this type of hairstyling.

Short hairs are the top liked trend of this year and the spikes add to the beauty of short hairstyling. You can give a sexy look to your short hair by doing some spikes. Spiky pixie haircut is a recent trend and is a very good option in this type of hairdo.

Spiky bob can also be used to have an entirely different look. These hairdos go well with the mature ladies.

Spiky hairstyles for Medium Hair:

Medium length hair can be styled in a very different way by using the spiky hairstyles for medium hair. Reif spiky and mini Spikey hairstyles are the two commonly used and liked haircut options for medium hair. Wavy bob with random spikes is a good hairdo option for girls.

More fun can be added by adding some layers to this hairstyle to make it look more vibrant.

Spiky hairstyles for Long Hair:

Spikes do not have a match with the long hair. This style is perfect for the short and medium hair. But long hair can be styled in a funky way by making use of some spiky hairdo. Spiky hairstyles for long hair include the spiky layered hairdo that is created by using layers for hair at the bottom.

Spiky hairstyles for Curly Hair:

Spikes can be added to the curly hair style to make it look trendier. Small length and random spikes are used for this kind of styling and is a good option for having a sexy short curly hairstyle.

Spiky hairstyles 2019 for Women

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