Braided Mohawk Styles for Natural Hair

It is the season for ladies braided updo hairstyles Mohawk. If a black woman, you know that the heat of the summer on the hair can be brutal. Whose thickness is black hair of the woman that warm rather hair and scalp and heat damage to our hair and drying. So ladies, here is one of the solutions to invade; Hot rock styles and edgy braided Mohawk styles for natural hair and look like a rock star at the same time.

Braided Mohawk is one of the most unique and elegant style of hair there. A simple Google image search shows you photos of many African-American or black rocking chair of celebrity braided hairstyles Mohawk, Fauxhawks Mohawk and other related styles.

If you determine that one side shaved a Mohawk, a short Crest, a curly Mohawk Mohawk Mohawk hairstyle or wear long with reflections, automatically by game is available, because very few women is brave enough, these types of hairstyles are sports.

New styles of impressive natural black hair

There has never been a better time to make your natural twists, kinks and grab her skirt. Always up to date with the latest trends in hairstyles black natural and check out this look awesome down for your next hairstyle.

1. Mohawk Mania curly
Natural hair inspired by the Mohawks are very fashionable. Command combined off so easy to style with a simple braid and curl up.
How the style:
a. the rectangle inside the head section.
b. section rectangle lichen you back directly. Curly weave and sew using snaps to you.
c. lichens the rest hair into the desired style and PIN snaps into place.
d. using the serum to add shine to the finishes.

2. dual fear of evil
This “characteristic of the French roll bright red thin LOCs highlighted a Crown to do so. Many have fascinated the spectators of this cleaning.
How the style:
a. the rectangle inside the head section. Roll of hair and PIN engages.
b. make a vertical roll with the rest of the collar of the neck to the middle of the head.
c. use tips of c. of letters of credit and make a horizontal roll and PIN in place…
d. use and keep the hair spray for light.

Simple style braided Mohawks

To do simple braided Mohawk styles formats, it can be done. The latter lasted 5 minutes before. Start with 3 pieces of detangles hair and attach to each section with a Goody Ouchless hair tie. You need additional sections, depending on how much hair that has your son.

Later, this time, lasted about 20 minutes. Hair unraveled to Begin, part your hair in the Middle, in turn does not have to be perfect, because the part is not visible. Medium/large sections begin to say goodbye to start cornrowing the sides, in the middle. As you can see, my Cornrows were far from perfect, I did it as fast as I could, and it was still pretty cold outside.

Braided Mohawk Styles for Natural Hair

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