Braid Styles for Short Natural Hair 2020

If you have a good hair out day, people like to think that your styles of tress for short hair big all the time, but it is nowadays naturalistas have brittle at hair. It is not easy to tame such a mane. Sometimes we are out of bed with lousy wheels that look like us all hurricane, Tornado and earthquake of punches of the Earth has gone through over the past 10 years.

You can go wrong with black braid styles for short natural hair designs. Regardless of whether the format for the look, little maintenance or protection style is intended. Braids are a quick and easy way, this African-American woman, child or man do everything. Awesome designs in the salons of design create by their creativity and skills that each social media platform, people enjoy and admire.

The best natural hairstyles for black women

If you are tired of brushing weaves, wigs and chemical straightening, or if you switch to a new aspect, because the non-natural hairstyles? Natural braid styles for short hair can be ideal for your hair and your personal style and there are so many options to choose from!

Natural hairstyles are always popular with many celebrities ‘real’, their free weaving wig of hair on social media (for example, Nicki Minaj), showing and even the healthier choice for your hair is natural, especially if you are trying to push. I prefer if you straightened tresses box Senegalese bait twists, TWAs, heat or natural beautiful hair, a great hairstyle here, according to your taste.

1. Natural hairstyle Beyonce Knowles: bun braid box
Singing sensation and model feminist Beyonce Knowles looks fabulous with her son in a huge prepared bread box, defying gravity. Box braid extensions are easy to install and splendid boho chic and very versatile. Looks fantastic in all styles, so feel free to experiment!

2. Lupita Nyong’o ‘ or natural hair Pompadour Twisted
Actress kenyan and Mexican Lupita Director Nyong ‘ o shows with their twisted hair Pompadour. Love, like the hair on their heads in an elegant and attractive Pompadour piling and the short sides and back offer a particularly attractive appearance. Finishing of natural hair mates only with makeup beautiful eyes smoky and plum lip gloss lip for a glamorous and feminine.

An essential condition for natural hair braiding

To avoid tangles and hair breakage, are basic braiding and twisting of the necessary skills. If we are constantly without twisting or braiding reads the consequences, especially for those of us are ‘brutal’ with well curly hair. Although it seems easy to assemble, this scarf to your Afro twist or braids of sleep and take your hair small and medium to large surfaces.

Now, there are many women who say they know not how to braid or transform your hair, but as a natural setting, you need to know at least the Basic. For those who have shorter hair, is able to put her hair in a bun as a protective style, which avoids tangle of braiding a must. If you do not braid or twist hair is matted and close to the scalp. Then when you are ready to style your hair breaks fairly easily.

Braid Styles for Short Natural Hair

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