African American Short Natural Layered Hairstyles Pictures

African american natural hairstyle women do not often grow long hair because of the quality of the hair. You have very curly hair can handle a problem that has already grown but some women, long hair to keep it.

Things, manage your hair are common hairstyle and hair care. All in combination offers an elegant look to a personality.

I’d soon, but elegant work continues hair of African-American women who gives the appearance of great incredible charm. In the article, one speaks of styles of natural short hair very attractive for African-American women, a style perfect, is certainly to improve his style and African beauty.

African american natural hairstyle
African american natural hairstyle

How to layer African American hair

1. Wash and condition the hair in the usual way. Hairstyle afro American, if it is wet or damp under better control by the opportunity to work with the length of your real hair. Comb the hair with a comb with wide teeth by the disorder.

2. Choose a layer hairstyle, her face is a party. For example, a layer style requires a round face that increases the height above the head and reduces volume on the sides.

3. Keep a section of hair right out of the scalp at a 90 degree angle to reduce. Keep short hair between the index and the finger in the ends of the hair where you want the hair.

4. Cut the hair behind your fingers with a style rule sharpening to achieve the scissors in the appearance of layer. Continue with the sections of cut around the head. Cuts at an angle facing inward around the head for shorter hair.

Cutting long hair in a pattern on the roof which is more hair on the sides and the bottom of the ears.

African american natural hairstyle
African american natural hairstyle

Hairstyles afro American multilayered image


1. Bob layered
The layer of Bob, a classic style that surrounds the face on the cheeks or Chin, hair adds volume and texture. Angle layered more and more they look and work better with medium thick hair.

2. Maintenance
A set of rollers adds volume to your Bob layered, or for a more elegant look, can dry the coup. Use style lotion added brightness brightness.

3. Long layers
This style refers to the length or long hair. The first layer is cut under the Chin and other levels you will give the whole hair, adds personality and depth.

4. Maintenance
Wrap hair in a circular motion around the head and secure it with a satin scarf or a hat to reduce breakage and natural moisture. Comb and go.

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